The Public Purse will be posting reports for download on specific bond issues, sector risk analysis (such as special districts or airports, for example), default risk analysis and useful how-to learning resources.  Please re-visit frequently for updates. To get to a document, click on the name below and then click again on the title to open it up (I know this is cumbersome, we will be cleaning up the application in the near future.)

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Bubba Bennett


I’ve been in this business for almost 30-years with most of it on the municipal underwriting/trading/management side. 16 of those 30-years were in NYC with Prudential Securities. As it relates to municipals, I get it, and very rarely do I take the time to respond to the author of something that I had read. This is the exception, and I’m writing to you to say “well done” on your Municipal Market Meltdown piece. I liked your writing so much that I signed up for your email list. I’m not the kind of guy that likes reading only the bullish pieces or only the bearish pieces; I prefer the cold hard facts and the author’s thoughts on those facts. I like pieces that make me think. You did it, and I thank you. Please keep it up.


Bubba Bennett
Senior Vice President, Investments
The Oak Valley Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Atlanta, GA 30326


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